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Agriculture, Natural Resources & Community and Rural Development Publications and Factsheets

Options for Backyard Stream Repair08/08/2018
Forage Conservation Techniques: Silage and Haylage Production11/11/2015
Using Fire to Improve Wildlife Habitat04/15/2016
How Your Business Can Cut Costs by Reducing Waste03/30/2017
Growing Oriental Persimmons in North Carolina09/30/1993
Understanding Forestry Terms: A Glossary for Private Landowners08/21/2018
How to Sell Produce to Distributors08/13/2018
Zoning and Land Use Regulation of Forestry01/26/2017
Summer Cover Crops02/28/1999
Natural Stream Processes06/01/1999
Herbicide Carryover in Hay, Manure, Compost, and Grass Clippings01/01/2015
Precision Agriculture Technology: How to Become a Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot03/07/2018
Landowner Solar Leasing: Contract Terms Explained 05/11/2016
Rainwater Harvesting: Guidance for Homeowners06/01/2008
Using Root Wads and Rock Vanes for Streambank Stabilization06/01/2000
Commercial Goldenseal Cultivation07/31/2000
Snags and Downed Logs01/01/2019
How to Prune Specific Plants01/01/2013
Understanding Your Timber Basis05/04/2016
Blueberry Production for Local Sales and Small Pick-Your-Own Operators11/30/2002
Forest Land Enhancement Practices in North Carolina01/18/2019
Management by Objectives: Successful Forest Planning03/01/2019
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (North Carolina)02/23/2015
Controlled Drainage – An Important Practice to Protect Water Quality That Can Enhance Crop Yields09/11/2018
Soybean Stem Canker12/06/2016
Accomplishing Forest Stewardship with Hand-Applied Herbicides11/10/2016
Dogwood Borer02/23/2015
General Pruning Techniques01/01/2013
Teaching From the Garden: Creating Transformative Learning Landscapes at Schools09/30/2016
Natural and Constructed Wetlands in North Carolina: An Overview for Citizens02/19/2019
Site Preparation Methods and Contracts03/15/2019
Voluntary Conservation Options for Land Protection in North Carolina01/28/2019
Prevent Timber Trespass and Theft05/17/2016
Reforestation of North Carolina's Pines03/08/2019
Using Web Marketplaces to Reach Untapped Markets11/23/2015
Application of the Rosgen Stream Classification to North Carolina08/01/1999
Forest Soils and Site Index03/01/2019
Steps to Successful Pine Planting03/01/2019
Suggested Good Agricultural and Collection Practices for North Carolina Medicinal Herbs03/02/2016
Barriers and Strategies to Connecting Urban Audiences to Wildlife and Nature: Results from a Multi-Method Research Project03/18/2016
Finding Bankfull Stage in North Carolina Streams03/01/2000
First...See a Forester05/11/2015
Tobacco - Nitrogen (N) Deficiency01/01/2017
Assessing Historical Significance and Use Potential of Buildings within Historic Districts: An Overview of a Measurement Framework Developed for Climate Adaptation Planning05/25/2017
Dune Infiltration Systems for Reducing Stormwater Discharge to Coastal Recreational Beaches11/01/2013
Working Together: A Guide to Collaboration in Rural Revitalization09/21/2018
Tobacco - Sulfur (S) Deficiency01/01/2017
Synthetic Auxins07/13/2015
Estimating the Volume of a Standing Tree Using a Scale (Biltmore) Stick01/01/2013
Solar Panel Materials, End of Life, and Regulation05/13/2016
Effects of Wind-Induced Sodium Salts on Soils in Coastal Agricultural Fields12/12/2018
Before the Cut01/01/2013
How Beneficial is Agritourism? North Carolina Farmers and Residents Respond12/15/2014
Tobacco - Boron (B) Toxicity01/01/2017
Tobacco - Calcium (Ca) Deficiency01/01/2017
Success of Women in Agritourism: She Will Get What She Wants07/16/2018
Water Needs Assessment Tool—A Guide for Technical Specialists09/26/2018
Herbaceous Plants for Wildlife01/01/1994
Part 2: Cooling - Postharvest Handling and Cooling of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers for Small Farms04/30/1995
Part 1: Quality Maintenance - Postharvest Handling and Cooling of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers for Small Farms04/30/1995
A Biomass and Bioenergy Glossary for Forest Landowners01/01/2008
Establishing a Partnership for Sentinel Landscapes: The North Carolina Experience A Dissemination Guide for Other States11/23/2016
What CAN Be Composted?04/11/2011
Developing Wildlife-Friendly Pine Plantations01/01/2005
Building Local Food Economies: A Guide for Governments06/22/2017
Thinning Pine Stands01/01/2011
Tobacco - Phosphorus (P) Deficiency01/01/2017
Wildlife and Forest Stewardship01/01/2001
Community Supported Agriculture in North Carolina10/31/2004
Recreational Forest Trails: Plan for Success01/01/2003
Solar Generation Property Taxation02/02/2016
Tobacco - Manganese (Mn) Deficiency01/01/2017
Estuaries: Nature's Water Filters01/01/2001
Part 3: Handling - Postharvest Handling and Cooling of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers for Small Farms04/30/1995
Are Neighbors Benefiting from Wine Tourism Development? Perceptions from the North Carolina Piedmont Triad04/15/2016
Protecting and Retaining Trees: A Guide for Municipalities and Counties in North Carolina01/01/2008
Who Is Responsible for the Trees? A Citizen Guide to Trees in the Community04/14/2015
Tobacco - Copper (Cu) Deficiency01/01/2017
Tobacco - Magnesium (Mg) Deficiency01/01/2017
Tobacco - Iron (Fe) Deficiency01/01/2017
Tobacco - Potassium (K) Deficiency01/01/2017
Land Ownership, Liability, and the Law in North Carolina01/01/2005
Developing Successful Tree Ordinances01/01/2006
An Information Guide to Forest and Wildlife Management01/01/1997
A Model Recall Program for the Fresh Produce Industry06/30/2005
A Family Forest: A Planning Guide to Protect, Enhance and Manage Private Forestland01/01/2009
Tobacco - Boron (B) Deficiency01/01/2017
North Carolina Women’s Success in Agritourism: Turning Challenges into Opportunities10/07/2016
Managing for Resilience05/10/2016
Pruning Woodland Trees01/01/1996
Pond Management: Good Fishing in the Balance01/01/2001
Race, Ethnicity, Urban Populations, and Wildlife-Dependent Recreation: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature05/04/2015
Part 5: References09/30/1995
Tools to Make the Cut01/01/2013
Evaluating Conservation Easements, Solar Leases, and Land Lease Proposals05/13/2016
Crop Tree Management in North Carolina01/01/2009
Communities Thrive on Trees04/14/2015
Tobacco - Zinc (Zn) Deficiency01/01/2017
Financial Incentives for Forest Management01/01/2011
Planting Your New Stewardship Forest01/01/1998
Forest Health - Community Wealth01/01/2002
A Gardener's Guide to Protecting Water Quality01/01/2000
Part 4: Mixed Loads - Postharvest Handling and Cooling of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers for Small Farms04/30/1995
Conserving Working Lands: A Land Legacy Workbook with Tools and Resources to Guide Your Conservation Planning Journey09/24/2015
Selling Your Timber? Don't Make an Uninformed Decision!04/14/2015
Solar Energy Resources for Local Government and Residents in North Carolina05/13/2016
Understanding Climate, Planning, and Response Terms Within the Forestry Context06/20/2016
An Introduction to Forest Certification01/01/2007
Preserving the Past - A Guide for North Carolina Landowners01/01/2010
Strategic Conservation Planning for the Eastern North Carolina/Southeastern Virginia Strategic Habitat Conservation Team10/30/2014
Deciding How to Structure Your Business01/01/2004
Tobacco - Molybdenum (Mo) Deficiency01/01/2017
Social Relationships Between Wineries and Local Communities: Perspectives of North Carolinians from the Piedmont04/21/2016
North Shore Community Climate Readiness: Understanding Visitor Behaviors and Responses to Climate Change Projections 10/18/2017
Woodscaping Your Woodlands01/01/1998

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